Sun Tunnel Sizes 343mm, 457mm, 535mm

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Martin Roche

Group Managing Director

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Daylight systems harvest, direct and diffuse natural light into interior spaces. This natural light through BRIGHTSKYTM “roof lights” and engineered window films can replace and/or complement our LED lights with automated controls for Advanced Sustainability.


Traditional lighting contributes 25% – 40% of a building’s energy demand and carbon footprint with electricity costs and energy taxes ever rising. BRIGHTSKYTM Saves Cash & Carbon whether it’s a simple retrofit of an existing facility or new build.


Daylight is important for human vision, and for our health, it is available in abundance and is free via BRIGHTSKYTM. When daylight is direct sunlight, then that’s not so good. Buildings with large window expanses and roof glazing bring in direct sunlight that causes glare; heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.


How many workplaces have you seen where the blinds are drawn during the day and the lights are on – That’s not Bright!


The CIBSE Office Lighting Guide states that natural daylight is an almost universal worker requirement. When given a choice, most people prefer a working environment with daylight to one without. Scientific studies confirm productivity typically increases by up to 15% where natural daylight is the prime light source.